Dahon Mu Uno and Dahon Speed Uno

Today’s post is going to be about the Dahon Mu Uno and the Dahon Speed Uno – a folding bike review that is produced by Dahon, a world leading manufacturer. I purchased this bike last week and have been looking to get some details down about it on my blog. Well, firstly – the price, I managed to purchase this model directly from Dahon in America for approximately £500, it was well worth the wait – let me tell you that to begin with. The box it came in was full of polystyrene and bubble wrap to prevent any damage or even scratches to the bike. It did an amazing job and my new Dahon Mu Uno was in perfectly mint condition once I managed to remove it from the packaging. I think my initial thoughts of the bike were overwhelmingly positive, it’s built extremely well and is a very sturdy bike that shows no signs of getting damaged. Dahon have produced a quality product here and I think it’s going to be deserving of its top position in many people’s eyes. I’m not sure which of the Mu Uno or the Speed Uno is my favorite, however I will say that they are both premium models and it really is quite difficult to pick between the two of them. They both have the same sized wheels, typical for many folding bikes, they both have single speed gears and they both have no brake handles and their brake functionality works by pedaling backwards – this is something that many people will have to work to get used to because it really isn’t what people are used to as with normal bicycles.

Dahon Mu Uno

What I will say is that both models are considerably better than the majority of other folding bikes, they look better, handle better on the road, are more transportable on public transport, they fit into small spaces so when you are no longer using them they can easily be stored away and ultimately Dahon are a truly respectable company in the folding bike world. The Dahon Mu Uno and Dahon Speed Uno are also their flagship models so we can trust that they will be excellent value for money too, they clearly have spent a long time designing them and ensuring that they are totally fit for purpose in a range of different situations too. I couldn’t possibly recommend a selection of better folding bikes at this current time, I genuinely do believe that these are the finest ones around, but I’m not saying that I have checked all of the different bikes in the world – but I’ve done my fair share of reading and from all of the folding bike reviews I have managed to take a look at I think that these two models pretty much consistently come out on top too. From everyone here at Ghosts The Play in London we would recommend these bikes too.

If you want to learn more about these bikes, or about how to recycle them, check out the guides for the US, UK and Canada.

Dahon Speed Uno

Keeping Myself Healthy

So many people are constantly trying to find new ways to keep fit without picking up the phone and ordering themselves a gym membership, I’m not sure what the logic is behind this. It’s obvious to me and to many of my friends that there’s no reason you shouldn’t buy a gym membership, they’re often quite cheap or at least inexpensive. I can’t think of any reason why people have an issue with it, I’ve loved every minute that I have spent in the gym and managed to up all of the weights that I have been lifting consistently since I originally joined about one year ago. Yes, I’ve had to change my diet up considerably and yes it has been a lot of hard work but at the end of the day it hasn’t been a taxing experience that so many people attribute to going to the gym. If I was you, and I wanted to keep fit whilst losing weight and building muscle – I’d recommend visiting your local gym and putting some hours in, I honestly would.

My favorite exercises are definitely the bench press, bicep curls, triceps extensions and of course getting on the treadmill too. Most people say that they don’t like cardio based exercises but in all honesty it is the absolute best thing to get yourself losing weight, apart from just watching your diet obviously. I think that cutting carbs and running is the number one way to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you’re not keen to get yourself to the gym after reading all of this then I’d recommend buying some good running shoes to protect your ankles and then just get out there and start running around your favorite spots. It’s actually a great hobby to have in London because you can see loads of the sights in and around the city without having to drive around or traverse the underground as many people do these days.

It’s difficult to see much of the city when you’re constantly underground or indoors so running is a great way to actually experience the great city that we live in and there isn’t actually too many people doing it at the moment. But what a great opportunity we all have to get outside and try now with the summer just around the corner. If you would like to hear about all of the places that I have been visiting then please get in touch and I will find some great places for you to run to wherever you are living. I have a brilliant mobile application that you can all use if you’d like to, just hit me up and I’ll pass on all of the details for you to have a look at and hopefully it helps you along in your journey to getting fit. My subsequent blog post is going to be all about riding Dahon folding bikes around the city, something that is definitely an upcoming trend for many of us here in London.

The Royal Opera House – Covent Garden

Okay so today I’m going to be writing a post about the potential for tourists to tour the royal opera house in covent garden, London. Discover something extra special today if you come down to covent garden with a bit of cash then you can get your own private tour of the opera house and explore the heritage of covent garden like never before. This exclusive back stage tour is something that everybody in the world should try to experience once, it is an extraordinary building that has ample amounts of history and has a huge auditorium within it. Sometimes if you pick your visit date carefully you can actually see the Royal Ballet during class times and see them practicing, this is quite an amazing experience as I can attest, I would highly recommend it to anybody who is into this sort of thing. Your tour guide is usually very insightful into all of the different opera greats that have performed there in the past and who knows, you might even meet a famous person or two if you are lucky enough on the day.

The Royal Opera House

The second thing that I would highly recommend to people who haven’t been to London before is also in Covent garden too, you should go down to the Hawksmoor restaurant and go there for a lovely Sunday roast dinner, this is one of the most famous restaurants in the world so do expect to pay a fair amount of money for a dinner, however this really is an extravagant option that will certainly leave your taste buds in a very happy place. There are a number of extremely famous chef’s who work in the restaurant and so again there are many famous dishes on offer if a roast doesn’t tickle your personal fancy, definitely check it out either way, or just go for a coffee if you can’t quite afford a full meal at this fancy restaurant.

Aside from this there are a large number of cool night clubs for people to visit if that is more your thing, I think that the best ones are Phonox, Ministry of Sound and of course Fabric although the final one is generally aimed towards a slightly younger audience who like drum and bass. I think that there’s a large number of smaller venues that are also worth checking out but these aren’t really what I’m into, it depends if you want bassy music venues or a more chilled out vibe really. Do some more reading online and you’ll quickly realise what is going to be the best night club for you to visit on a personal level. I would also highly recommend checking out London’s Victoria Palace if you have some free time, it’s a lovely venue and should definitely be checked out if you have a chance to. The best airport to fly into is probably Heathrow or London City airport due to both of them being on the underground line for the city.

Entertainment In London

Okay so, having lived in London for much of my life, I have now compiled a short list of all the different things that Londoners regularly dream about, this is a satirical post of course, however I’m hoping that some of you will find it at least marginally funny or humorous. We all feel that Pret coffee is the finest around right, well – if so, that’s certainly got to be one of the 5 things that all Londoners regularly dream about, right? What I mean here is that Pret a Manger started giving out free coffee to commuters on a daily basis, we’ve all seen it happen to people around us in recent times, but it has never happened to us? Why is this, are we just too ugly to get one, or are there other more sinister reasons? Who knows! I’ve literally heard conversations about this on the tube on an almost daily basis too, it really is hilarious and is something I look forward to hearing on my daily commute in to the office.

Pret A Manger

It’s discrimination right, isn’t it? Another thing that is along the same lines as the free Pret coffee is the broken bus oyster card reason, we’ve all also seen this or had this happen to us too. The bus driver simply waves everybody on so that nobody has to pay, some people claim to have it happen to them on an almost daily basis, whereas for other’s it’s more of a one off situation. Unfortunately this will never happen on the tube due to the increased number of card readers, however if you find yourself commuting on a bus regularly then there is no reason for you not to get this too. Just keep your eye out, the machine usually reads red rather than orange and green, if you see this then you’re on to a winner!

The final thing that people that live in London are regularly looking for or dreaming about is a world without queues, unfortunately it’s only going to get worse in London as time goes on. However, can you imagine how awesome it would be to rock up to a venue or even a small shop and there be absolutely no queue, that would be fantastic! For many of us, this is a long shot and is difficult to see it happening soon. If you have any additions to add to my list, yes I only did three as I’m sure many of you noticed, then please let me know and I will include them in a follow up post in the next few days or so. My next post is going to be about something a little bit more exciting so please keep tuned and keep spreading the love to all of your friends and family. Thanks guys!

London’s Finest Theatres

Welcome to Ghosts The Play, here we will be discussing the most popular plays that London has to offer in 2016, we will also be looking at all of the different theaters that you can visit to see these plays. Ultimately, the actual theater that you visit does not really matter when it comes to your enjoyment, yes – some are much more grand than others, however it’s really down to the actors and costume design to make the real difference. One perfect example of this concept is the Garrick Theater in London, the venue itself is nothing special, however every single time that I have visited it, I’ve had an absolutely fantastic time and have never regretted it even one bit. In a nutshell we think that the Garrick Theater on Charing Cross Road – London post code WC2H OHH is a fabulous venue and would highly recommend everybody to visit it if you ever get the chance to.

London Theaters

Another of our favorite venues is the Wyndham’s theater, also in London and also on Charing Cross Road – London post code WC2H 0DA. This brilliant theater is showing hangmen at the moment, a world renowned play that has been receiving international accolades and is generally regarded as being the play of the year. So if you are looking to have some real fun then you should definitely head down there and see if you can buy some of their reasonably priced tickets. They aren’t too expensive and are certainly worth it, if you need to park your car – you may be in for quite a walk, however the London tube network is fantastic and it’s really easy to navigate if you download the mobile app called citimapper, you should be getting to the theater within about 15 minutes.

All in all there are a large number of incredibly popular venues in London that you can visit on any day of the week and watch a play that will truly capture even the stubbornest’s imagination – seriously, this is the city of dreams and it is where the magic happens. The sheer number of theaters in London shows how impressive they are likely to be, please continue to visit Ghosts The Play and we will keep you updated with the new plays as the year goes on. Hopefully I can convince a few people to come down and watch a play, with cinemas being the focal point of this form of entertainment, it is important to remember our original heritage and to visit a theater at least once in a while. I’m sure people will be impressed if they have never visited one before, they are truly amazing and are something that I look forward to whenever I get the chance to visit one on a monthly basis. I think it is also important to recognise that the cast in these small budget plays are not paid in many cases, or at least not very much. By visiting the plays, you give them a chance to make some small change.