Dahon Mu Uno and Dahon Speed Uno

Today’s post is going to be about the Dahon Mu Uno and the Dahon Speed Uno – a folding bike review that is produced by Dahon, a world leading manufacturer. I purchased this bike last week and have been looking to get some details down about it on my blog. Well, firstly – the price, I managed to purchase this model directly from Dahon in America for approximately £500, it was well worth the wait – let me tell you that to begin with. The box it came in was full of polystyrene and bubble wrap to prevent any damage or even scratches to the bike. It did an amazing job and my new Dahon Mu Uno was in perfectly mint condition once I managed to remove it from the packaging. I think my initial thoughts of the bike were overwhelmingly positive, it’s built extremely well and is a very sturdy bike that shows no signs of getting damaged. Dahon have produced a quality product here and I think it’s going to be deserving of its top position in many people’s eyes. I’m not sure which of the Mu Uno or the Speed Uno is my favorite, however I will say that they are both premium models and it really is quite difficult to pick between the two of them. They both have the same sized wheels, typical for many folding bikes, they both have single speed gears and they both have no brake handles and their brake functionality works by pedaling backwards – this is something that many people will have to work to get used to because it really isn’t what people are used to as with normal bicycles.

Dahon Mu Uno

What I will say is that both models are considerably better than the majority of other folding bikes, they look better, handle better on the road, are more transportable on public transport, they fit into small spaces so when you are no longer using them they can easily be stored away and ultimately Dahon are a truly respectable company in the folding bike world. The Dahon Mu Uno and Dahon Speed Uno are also their flagship models so we can trust that they will be excellent value for money too, they clearly have spent a long time designing them and ensuring that they are totally fit for purpose in a range of different situations too. I couldn’t possibly recommend a selection of better folding bikes at this current time, I genuinely do believe that these are the finest ones around, but I’m not saying that I have checked all of the different bikes in the world – but I’ve done my fair share of reading and from all of the folding bike reviews I have managed to take a look at I think that these two models pretty much consistently come out on top too. From everyone here at Ghosts The Play in London we would recommend these bikes too.

If you want to learn more about these bikes, or about how to recycle them, check out the guides for the US, UK and Canada.

Dahon Speed Uno

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