London’s Finest Theatres

Welcome to Ghosts The Play, here we will be discussing the most popular plays that London has to offer in 2016, we will also be looking at all of the different theaters that you can visit to see these plays. Ultimately, the actual theater that you visit does not really matter when it comes to your enjoyment, yes – some are much more grand than others, however it’s really down to the actors and costume design to make the real difference. One perfect example of this concept is the Garrick Theater in London, the venue itself is nothing special, however every single time that I have visited it, I’ve had an absolutely fantastic time and have never regretted it even one bit. In a nutshell we think that the Garrick Theater on Charing Cross Road – London post code WC2H OHH is a fabulous venue and would highly recommend everybody to visit it if you ever get the chance to.

London Theaters

Another of our favorite venues is the Wyndham’s theater, also in London and also on Charing Cross Road – London post code WC2H 0DA. This brilliant theater is showing hangmen at the moment, a world renowned play that has been receiving international accolades and is generally regarded as being the play of the year. So if you are looking to have some real fun then you should definitely head down there and see if you can buy some of their reasonably priced tickets. They aren’t too expensive and are certainly worth it, if you need to park your car – you may be in for quite a walk, however the London tube network is fantastic and it’s really easy to navigate if you download the mobile app called citimapper, you should be getting to the theater within about 15 minutes.

All in all there are a large number of incredibly popular venues in London that you can visit on any day of the week and watch a play that will truly capture even the stubbornest’s imagination – seriously, this is the city of dreams and it is where the magic happens. The sheer number of theaters in London shows how impressive they are likely to be, please continue to visit Ghosts The Play and we will keep you updated with the new plays as the year goes on. Hopefully I can convince a few people to come down and watch a play, with cinemas being the focal point of this form of entertainment, it is important to remember our original heritage and to visit a theater at least once in a while. I’m sure people will be impressed if they have never visited one before, they are truly amazing and are something that I look forward to whenever I get the chance to visit one on a monthly basis. I think it is also important to recognise that the cast in these small budget plays are not paid in many cases, or at least not very much. By visiting the plays, you give them a chance to make some small change.

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